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Getting Started

If you are interested in Nutritional Therapy get in touch! I offer a free 30 minute consultation via phone or skype in which you are encouraged to ask any questions, address hopes, concerns and health goals and get a clearer picture of the way I work. Don't hesitate to call!

518 832 9785


On your way!

An initial package consists of two appointments each lasting one and half to two hours. In the first, I use a detailed health history and a short physical exam to gather information about your body and your experience of wellness and illness (this is probably the most thorough health history you have ever given! - you do most of the talking and I listen and ask clarifying questions). In the second appointment, I offer symptom analysis based on my own knowledge of nutrition and body processes -offering the story back to you in a way that shows what systems might be under particular stress and also opens up possibilities for change ( I do most of the talking and you ask clarifying questions). You will come away with a short term and a longer range action plan as well as detailed resources for implementing dietary change, lifestyle and supplement protocols. Each initial session lasts 90 - 120 minutes (a combined 3-4 hours + my case review time) . I really believe this kind of healthcare should be widely accessible and I also put a significant amount of time into each meeting. I offer payment plans to work with any budget.*




 Wellness Packages

Healing is a journey! While a single session is helpful, in many (read most) cases nutritional therapy works best as a series of regular appointments that adapt to your process, work through the roadblocks to find break throughs and support you as you heal.

payment structures are adapted to fit your budget.

 A longer package follows a separate initial consult series and includes two in-person, skype or phone appointments per month as well as a reasonable amount of phone and email correspondence during that time. These plans involve building and adapting a protocol particular to your health needs, responding to what we learn as you heal (it is rarely straightforward but that is also part of the journey! and believe it or not the beauty :) ) and making sure you have the support you need to incorporate and sustain changes.

* I will not turn someone away for lack of funds. Please call to discuss payment options.

Can't meet in person?

While in person consultations are great, I can also work effectively via phone or skype. The intake process will be virtually the same and though it will exclude the short physical I can still get an in depth picture using online tools, pre appointment paperwork and an extensive health history interview.