Our raw, lacto-fermented sauerkrauts are a great way to add nourishing probiotic food to your meals. Using seasonal ingredients from Remedy Farm and other local growers (Hearty Roots and Whistle Down Farm) our Sauerkraut is made by aging vegetables in a sea salt brine that encourages the growth of beneficial strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria. These health supporting microbes thrive on the plant sugars, breaking vegetables down to release (and create) vitamins and minerals in a form readily absorbed by the body. The live cultures and the compounds they create make lacto-fermented sauerkraut a powerful support for important body processes fundamental to health.* The delicious tangy flavor of fermented vegetables is a great addition to almost any meal or snack. The variety of kraut we offer changes with the vegetables in season so come by the farm store to see what's in or join the winter CSA and get a new variety each month. Please see our resources page for more information and recipe ideas!


*if you currently experience digestive issues sauerkraut can be a wonderful healing food but take it slow! Live ferments often contain many times more probiotic bacteria than over the counter probiotic supplements and can cause significant transient changes in your digestive flora. This is ultimately beneficial but can cause discomfort if you move too quickly! Sometimes  just a teaspoon of  juice can be a good place to start.