Remedy Farm and Nutrition is a small but bustling hub for integrative nutrition and wellness coaching, community movement and nutrition classes and building relationship to the foods and medicines that come from our surrounding ecosystem.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) Jordan is committed to helping people rebuild their health. She uses nutrient dense food, high quality supplements and a trained understanding of foundational body processes to work with the whole person and to un-tangle chronic issues from the roots up.  Her approach is analytical, systems centered and compassionate...a combination of science and spirit! Please see the Nutritional Therapy page for more information. You can feel better!

In 2017 I am prioritizing the health-care part of Remedy Farm and Nutrition and will no longer be growing medicinal and culinary herbs for market. The herb garden and fields will still be abundant at Chaseholm Farm, however, and I look forward to hosting workshops and housing my practice near the herb garden someday! Growing and foraging for nutrient dense foods and medicines, learning from traditional food-ways and understanding the connection between the health of our soils and the health of our bodies is still foundational to the nutrition work I do. If you are local and want to browse the herb garden feel free to get in touch any time. I welcome harvesters and weeders!